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All jobs are performed by our qualified technicians in providing seamless and proficient maintenance programs for every equipment we handle. We deliver the services and resources to make your equipment an A1 condition they deserve through the management of a highly trained Engineer with his commendable certificates and background in an aviation industry GSE sector. With his proven experience, OEM GSE manufacturer accredited him in training for Operation and Maintenance of different types of Ground Support Equipment in the field of electrical system and mechanical (pneumatics & hydraulics). One of his key point advantage is his safety certification that will promote safety on all aspects of every operator and equipment whether in ramp or in the workshop.


• Servisair • Houchin • National Training Institute

• FMC • Mallaghan • Cobus

• Schopf • Rosenbauer • AccessAir

• JLG • Trilectron • AMSS

• Guinault Lebrun • TLD • ACEquip

• FCX  • Mulag • AGCTS


What we can offer…


We have tailor-made programs for your service and maintenance that suits your requirements that will give a cost effective while maintaining an OEM recommendation which will prolong the usage of your equipment.


1. Preventive Maintenance (Planned)

1a. Periodic Maintenance

1b. Predictive Maintenance


2. Corrective Maintenance

3.  Maintenance prevention

4.  Breakdown Maintenance


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